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What Happened to the Real MC's?

So I spent this past weekend on EBay and Amazon trying to track down my favorite early 90's hip-hop albums on CD. Most of which are out of print and not on iTunes, etc. I had a lot of them but mostly had them on tape. If you can remember back then...tapes were a few bucks cheaper so sometimes that was the only option. So I dove head first back into the music that made me into the music obsessed being that I am. Hip hop. And I am talking real hip-hop...stuff from '88-'96. It was a great time for hip hop...De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Leaders of the New School, Main Source, B.U.M.S, D-Nice, OC, Organized Konfusion, Diamond D, UMC's, Ultramagnetic MC's, K-Solo, Kurious, Gangstarr, Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Dr. Dre, NWA, Ice Cube, KRS 1, 3rd Bass, Nas, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Jay-Z, and of course none other then the man himself...my favorite MC of all time...Big Daddy Kane.

So my question is what happened? I would go out during those years every Tuesday and it seemed there was always a new jewel. East coast or West coast...
it didn't matter...there was so much coming from both coasts. The above artists were all MC's who had something to say. The music was passionate, innovative, and it challenged us as listeners to step outside our environment and walk in someone else's shoes. In various conversations with people I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Everything is cyclical so maybe we are just going through a phase. After jiggy, crunk, snap, hyphy and any of these other sub-genres fade out hopefully they will only be a small mark in a rich history. But it can't happen soon enough. I can't listen to the radio...this stuff is killing me. It's formulaic and producer driven...its pop music. It's exactly what hip hop rebelled against and precisely what it wasn't in the early 90's. Hip-hop has lost its edge.I am hoping that younger fans can discover the classics....with the help of artists like Lupe, Common, and the Roots who always tip their cap to the genres origins.

For me I know I discovered Jazz and Soul music through hip hop...so I am hoping through the current batch of real MC's comes the discovery of the classic MC's. Because I listenOrganized Konfusion-Stress, Kool G Rap-Live and Let Die, Tribe Called Quest-Low End Theory and they still sound fresh. to those classic albums to this day...Main Source-Breaking Atoms, Funny...I just found a link on you tube for
Big Daddy Kane's Hip Hop Honors induction. The Roots band backed up several MC's doing classic Kane versus (TI/Black Thought/Common). And they equally brought Kane's rhymes justice...none more then my man Black Thought. Funny thing is NO ONE could outshine Kane. Twenty years in the game and Kane has never fallen off...check this out this video from the Hip Hop Honors in 2005. If you are listening to the Ying Yang Twins now...stand up and take notice. Real hip hop is being served.