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  GR2 Records

GR2 Records was born when a few music fans purchased the remaining assets of Grand Royal LLC, the pioneering label and home of independent music (owned by the Beastie Boys). When we found that the assets of the label were available due to bankruptcy, we were excited at the opportunity to take it over because we were fans of the music, artists, and the spirit of the label that was Grand Royal. Some of the artists affiliated with Grand Royal were Buffalo Daughter, Luscious Jackson, Sean Lennon, and many others.

What we feel was the coolest thing about the original Grand Royal was that they were on the cusp of new artists, both domestic and international (i.e. Ben Lee from Australia, Buffalo Daughter from Japan, Atari Teenage Riot from Germany).

So it’s with that spirit that we move into the formation of GR2 Records.

Our goals are simple:

  • To work with artists we’re passionate about (artists we would spend our own cash on at the record store).
  • To not use gimmicks and/or follow trends.
  • Creating a space where other music lovers can connect. (Check out our blogs and forums.)

Basically we’re real music lovers with the ability to run a label. We’re fans first and foremost, and we hope to connect with other music lovers with our projects. We hope you enjoy.